Sunday, January 4, 2009

7 Interesting Facts About Me

I've been tagged by a couple of people to complete this meme, namely Erin at Erin's Food Files and Kristen at Le Petit Pierogi, so I suppose I'd better do it.

1. I'm currently in the process to be ordained an Episcopal priest, which is why I went back to school to get my M. Div. It was pretty complicated just to get to this point and involved several bishops in Tennessee and Texas.

2. I got my Bachelors of Music degree in vocal performance and performed the role of Hansel in Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel when I was a junior in college.

3. My senior year of high school I had to write a paper/story about my life up to that point and continue it to my death in the future. In the paper, I ended up marrying a jazz pianist. In real life, I ended up marrying a jazz pianist who also happens to be a doctor (but I was more interested in the jazz pianist part).

4. I went to a boarding school for the arts in Michigan for the last two years of high school.

5. I'm taking Koine Greek in school to read the New Testament in its original language.

6. Joe and I are planning not to have kids due to our demanding careers and our desire to be able to spend time together with our time off and travel.

7. I have a weakness for pure-bred cats with which I've infected Joe. I grew up with Maine Coon cats, and now we have two Ragdolls.

I don't want to tag anyone and force them to do this, so if you feel so inclined, please be my guest.