Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrate Good Times

Sometime in the past few weeks someone said to me, “I haven’t visited your blog lately. What have you been cooking?” All I could do was laugh. Food-wise, I haven’t been cooking, at least nothing “blog-worthy”, whatever that means. My standing Tuesday night plans with Joe involve the treadmill, a BodyPump class, and a black bean and rice salad from Calypso Café.

Life-wise, things have been cooking.

2012-06-15 13.05.41
1. Joe’s Residency Graduation
It’s hard to believe that four short-but-long years ago, Joe and I embarked on a journey when we a) got married b) Joe started his anesthesia residency and c) I started seminary. So we celebrated with family and friends and lots of food including this cake from Dulce Desserts, the same bakery that made our wedding cake. And if you ever get asked if you would like edible glitter on that, the answer is always, “Yes.” It was hard to get TOO excited about Joe graduating from residency seeing as he starts his critical care fellowship on July 1 with a month of night shifts. *sad trombone*

2012-06-16 21.24.20
2. Abby and John’s Engagement Party in Memphis
In the midst of Joe’s graduation, my mom and I skipped town to head west for Abby and John’s engagement party. It was so good to see them again so soon after my ordination and meet some of John’s family about whom I had only heard stories. Additionally, I ended up knowing a few of John’s old neighbors through Episcopal circles. Also, no one really believed that I was going to perform their wedding.

2012-05-05 11.04.45
3. Streaking
For the second time, I’m participating in a Runner’s World Run Streak, running at least one mile per day from Memorial Day to July 4th. It’s also really hot outside. This streak has been more successful than the last one, though. I’ve had minimal aches and pains, and it’s been nice to start nearly every day with a run. So far, I’ve run 112.5 miles in 29 days, which is close to an average of 4 miles a day. Pretty cool.

2012-06-13 11.44.07
4. Miscellaneous
Hanging out with the Vanderbilt Commodore at the hospital, training CPE interns, preaching, meetings and e-mails and phone calls about exciting things that I can’t tell you about yet, finally watching the season finale of Mad Men, wine with friends, and my CPE Consultation Committee.

What are you celebrating lately?