Monday, April 2, 2012

Self-Care Plan for Holy Week and Beyond

The next two weeks of my life are about to get crazy and really, I have it pretty easy compared to some, but it’s still going to get busy with Holy Week and my ordination to the priesthood coming up. Over the past few years, I’ve figured out that I have way more energy when I eat right and take care of myself, even in hectic circumstances, so I’ve developed a plan for my first holy week as an ordained clergyperson.


Self-care, yo. I have Monday off, and I’m going to get a pedicure. It’s relaxing, and that way I won’t be the person with the raggedy toes at the Maundy Thursday foot-washing. Tuesday, I have a haircut scheduled. Again serves a dual purpose of being relaxing (especially if your salon serves wine…) and looking nice before big events. I’m also not cutting back on workouts…at least, that’s the plan. I’ve scheduled in my rest days, and I might lower the intensity if I’m really dragging, but I know that sweating it out GIVES me energy and helps me de-stress and think clearly.


Eating-wise, it would be all too simple to survive on sugar and caffeine all week, but that would leave me jittery and foggy-headed. So, I’ve meal-planned, stocked up on fresh veggies and whole foods, and will be doing Jen’s 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge a week late. I hope to start each morning with a green smoothie so that even if I make less-than-ideal choices later in the day, I’ve still got some servings of fruits & veggies already under my belt.

And as a reminder to myself, in two weeks, I’ll have made it through my first Holy Week and Easter as clergy, be ordained as a priest, and be vacationing in Oregon Wine Country. If anyone has any Portland/Newberg/McMinnville recommendations, let me know!