Friday, February 18, 2011

Someday I Might Cook Again

But until that day comes, I have nothing to blog. Turns out that my last semester of graduate school is not amenable to coasting. Four demanding classes plus networking, meetings, filling out an interminable background check that needed to know about the last 15 years of my life, and trying to maneuver a placement in this diocese has led to quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Joe has been working nights, so my cooking has consisted of take-out, spaghetti, and black bean burgers. I used to know how to feed myself, right?

So, here are some random thoughts: some food-related, some not.

1. While listening to NPR this morning, I realized that my absolute ideal job, should I not be a minister, would be this lady’s job.

Terry Gross of Fresh Air. She gets to talk to all kinds of different people: actors, authors, politicians, scientists, economists, religious leaders, musicians, etc. And she gets to do it for a living! Her questions are always very insightful and interesting, as are her guests. Plus she has a great laugh. I think that one of the reasons that I’m attracted to her and her job is that it’s evident that she knows a lot about a lot of different things. As for me, I would rather have a broad knowledge in many arenas rather than a very extensive knowledge of one particular thing.

2. Somebody should write vegetarian versions of food and wine pairings. It can be frustrating to be repeatedly told that this wine would go great with chicken or grilled meats. What I really want to know is whether the wine will go well with a chickpea curry or roasted eggplant. It’s not that I don’t think meat should be included at all, but if you pay attention, you might notice just how meat-centric suggested food and wine pairings often are.

3. Things I purchased from Amazon today: a foam roller, chia seeds, and Amazing Grass Chocolate Drink Powder. I recently turned my mom onto coconut water as a more natural way of replenishing electrolytes. She thought she was getting really dehydrated from her hot yoga classes. I found Vita Coco coconut water at Costco and plan on using some tomorrow after my 10 mile run.

4. Speaking of running, after January, I set a yearly mileage goal for my running of 1000 miles. I think that it’s totally doable without killing myself or getting injured but will still give me something to aim for. So far, it’s going well, and I’m 9 miles ahead of the pace bunny.

If you could have anyone in the world’s job, whose job would you have?